Phone Service

Phone Lines

We offer a range of phone line options including traditional phone lines and encrypted digital phones lines that can service both newer SIP Trunk based systems as well as interoperability with older analog based systems with the advantages and cost savings of digital lines. All services are offered on a month-to-month basis avoiding long contracts.

Phones Systems

We offer a cloud phone system that is hosted and maintained by Astro-Tech that allows you to bring your phone anywhere without modifying your existing network. We also offer an onsite option for heavier users as a lease or single purchase. This allow you to keep all data on premises and minimize internet usage.


We offer analog, digital, and virtual fax services. Analog is the traditional fax service that also allows alarm systems to transmit over them. Digital still uses a traditional fax machine but encrypts all fax traffic in and out of the building to increase privacy. Virtual faxes remove the fax machine from the equation and route faxes through email.

For more information, planning, or pricing please reach out and contact us at our office via phone at 519-740-3958 Option 1, or by email at